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Ariel Savannah Angel Partners


11258 Ford Avenue, Suite 2, Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Ariel Savannah Angel Partners (ASAP) is a member-led business angel group that is committed to finding, funding, mentoring and supporting great young companies from pitch through development, scale-up, and successful exit.

History and Overview of Ariel Savannah Angel Partners

ASAP has been investing since 2005 and is one of the largest independent angel investment organizations in the Southeastern USA. Members/investors are serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, and business leaders who have founded, funded, advised and built world-class businesses. Members come from a variety of backgrounds across a wide range of industries. To date, ASAP has invested $18 million across 35 start-up and development-stage businesses.

With a collective membership of experienced founders and executives, ASAP offers capital and insights, expertise and introductions. This combined with ASAP’s contacts and syndication with other substantial angel groups come together to form an extensive framework of entrepreneurial support for ASAP’s portfolio businesses.

Ariel Savannah Angel Partners Investment Opportunities

For Entrepreneurs:

  • The minimum investment (as a group) is $100k. Current average is $350k. Largest investment to date is in excess of $2m.
  • ASAP is sector agnostic, but primary focus is technology in life sciences and biotech.
  • ASAP invests in early-stage growth technology companies with a high potential return for investors.
  • ASAP is seeking proprietary, innovative and disruptive technology that challenges the status quo.
  • Startups should have at least two founders. ASAP does not invest in sole proprietors or lifestyle businesses.
  • More info and proposal submission details can be found by clicking here.

For Investors:

  • Association with one of the premier angel groups in the Southeastern USA.
  • Opportunity to invest in private company offerings in high potential, early-stage businesses and start-ups.
  • Opportunity to work as a team to evaluate investment opportunities.
  • Introductions and networking with our membership of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Working with and gaining insights from experienced business angels.

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    Ariel Savannah Angel Partners

    Ariel Savannah Angel Partners (ASAP) is a member-led business angel...