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Savannah, GA

The cSpot is a monthly networking and connectivity meetup for like-minded creatives. The term ‘creatives’ extends to graphic designers, photographers, interior designers, product designers, or ANY creative professionals or entrepreneurs living and working in and around Savannah.  cSpot meetups are social and casual in nature, but also a great opportunity for community members to share ideas and network.

History & Overview of cSpot

cSpot was first started in 2006 as a way for Savannah’s creatives to connect over drinks. The meetups were founded by Cari Clark Phelps, Founder of Clark Creative Communications and Salacia Salts. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Megan Kranzler, local creative and owner of Olive Ridley Studios,  teamed up with Phelps to bring the cSpot back in 2022.

At cSpot, attendees build relationships in the creative community and meet contacts whom they can go to with questions or to bounce ideas off of. The monthly meetups are also a good opportunity for startups who are in search of creative talent.

Services Provided by cSpot

cSpot is a networking opportunity that occurs once per month, typically the second Tuesday of every month, at a different location around town. All are welcome to join, and advance registration is recommended, but not required.



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    The cSpot is a monthly networking and connectivity meetup for...