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Georgia Grown Innovation Center


25 South Terrell Street Metter, Georgia 30439

The Georgia Grown Innovation Center (GGIC) was created to help support small agribusiness owners.

History of Georgia Grown Innovation Center

In 2020, the City of Metter partnered with Georgia Grown and Georgia Southern University’s Business Innovation Group (BIG) to create the GGIC, a business incubator, that would focus on agriculture.  This partnership allows support for agri-business locally, regionally and throughout the state as each partner utilizes their individual strengths to provide a wide array of resources for them.

The City of Metter offers programs and incentives to create a business-friendly environment that showcases agriculture, food, and retail businesses that embrace the vision of Georgia Grown and Metter Made products.

The Business Innovation Group (BIG) is the business outreach program for Georgia Southern University that is committed to developing a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for the southeast region. BIG provides resources for students and entrepreneurs to gain skills and training necessary to understand business principles, experience how businesses operate and successfully launch new enterprises. BIG oversees the business incubator application process and management.

Georgia Grown is the economic development arm for the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  The program identifies opportunities for businesses through state programs, partners, branding, provides technical industry expertise, collaborative research, and partnerships to help the industry connect, compete, and grow.

Georgia Grown Innovation Center Service and Programs

  • Fully furnished office space with fiber internet and wi-fi
  • Meeting room use
  • Visibility on the website
  • Co-working space
  • Access to AV equipment
  • Controlled access to a secure building.
  • Coaching
  • Market research
  • Access to university faculty and students
  • Mentoring
  • Networking events
  • Workshops
  • Technical support

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    Georgia Grown Innovation Center

    The Georgia Grown Innovation Center (GGIC) was created to help support...