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Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce


P.O Box 22723 Savannah, Ga 31403
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The Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce’s (GSBCC) mission is to share and highlight the best Savannah community offers and create sustainable results that build economically, intellectually, and culturally. The chamber offers events and resources to enhance these initiatives to continue to grow and highlight Savannah’s best. Its focus is on empowering a diverse culture of African American professionals, entrepreneurs, and the community in the Savannah Metro and throughout the Coastal Empire.

History & Overview of the Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce

GSBCC was founded in 2014 with the vision to increase business, business growth, and investment in the City of Savannah and surrounding areas. Its model of business is tried and effective to help connect professionals and entrepreneurs to the potential partnerships, clients and resources they need to accomplish their goals. The chamber helps minority businesses and their leaders reach their full potential through these strategies. This is accomplished through promotions and the support of their partners who seek to build the professionals and entrepreneurs in the minority communities in and around the Savannah Metro.

Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce Services

This chamber offers services and tools to help local business owners connect, grow, and thrive.

  • Marketing Visibility and Exposure – Members are listed in the chamber newsletter, on social media, and on other marketing material; this is often seen by other organizations and consumers within the community, thus increasing a business’s visibility. Members opening or launching new endeavors can get support publicizing and promoting their launch including access to use GSBCC ribbon cutting scissors and ribbons.
  • Professional and Business Development & Evolvement –  The chamber provides education and mentorship on growing a business, personal and company branding, and provides a wealth of other developmental opportunities.
  • Advocacy and Support – GSBCC works to be a prominent voice in the community and within the local government and advocates for businesses.
  • Strategic Networking – Through events and direct connections, the GSBCC works to connect Member businesses to foster mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Public Policy Influence – GSBCC works to keep its members informed on important legislation and works for its members to make sure those creating the policy will keep local businesses on their minds.
  • Business Directory – The GSBCC business directory lists local members who would like to showcase their business at service providers and product specialists in the area.

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    Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce

    The Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce’s (GSBCC) mission is...