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Savannah Entrepreneurial Center


801 E. Gwinnett Street Savannah, GA 31401

The mission of the Savannah Entrepreneurial Center (SEC) is to increase local business creation and to support the economic empowerment of Savannah residents through the delivery of comprehensive business training and development services.

History & Overview of Savannah Entrepreneurial Center

The SEC is run by the City of Savannah under its Economic Development Department. The Economic Development Department is responsible for administering and coordinating the City’s economic and small business development programs to foster a strong local economy, spur business and job growth, and provide for a better quality of life in Savannah. The Department focuses on programs and activities that are geared toward improving economic opportunities and increasing financial well-being for individuals, families, and small businesses in Savannah.

Savannah Entrepreneurial Center Services & Offerings

In addition to its following main services, the SEC also provides business networking opportunities and referrals to business and financial resources:

  • Business Education & Events –  The SEC offers classes, webinars, seminars and forums that cater to different aspects of owning a business.
  • One-on-One Mentoring & Technical Assistance – Through a network of service providers and peers, the SEC establishes connections to fellow business owners throughout the country with specific expertise to achieve growth targets. Staff provide one-on-one technical assistance covering an abundance of topics including: SBE/DBE Certification, Assistance with how to start your business and access to SCORE mentors, Access to capital and low-interest small business loans, navigating government, incentives, growth strategies, market analysis, and more
  • Savannah Business Opportunity Program– A city program aimed at increasing the utilization of local small businesses in all areas of City procurement. It allows small firms to compete at the prime contractor level.
  • Access to Capital – SEC offers four loan programs: City of Savannah Direct Loan Program, City of Savannah Business Loan Guaranty Program, HUD Special Purpose Loan Program, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Revolving Loan Program.
  •  Business Incentives – Businesses can qualify for a variety of incentives when they open, relocate and expand job opportunities in Savannah. SEC lists different incentives on their website and provides guidance on them.

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    Savannah Entrepreneurial Center

    The mission of the Savannah Entrepreneurial Center (SEC) is to increase...