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University of Georgia Small Business Development Center, Savannah/Statesboro


316 E. Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

The University of Georgia (UGA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides entrepreneurs and businesses with the resources and training to succeed. 

History of the UGA SBDC

What began as an idea in 1975 has exploded into a nationwide network serving over 1,000 different communities today. William Flewellen, Jr., the former UGA College of Business Administration Dean,  dreamed of creating a service that could offer the resources of higher education to small business owners. His dream blossomed into a successful outreach/service program that, to-date, has served over 530,000 Georgia businesses.

The UGA SBDC now has 18 offices around Georgia, including the UGA SBDC of Savannah, which was formed in 1982. Over the years, the Savannah branch has gone on to offer services in Statesboro with an office at 58 E. Main Street in downtown Statesboro. These offices also offer pop-up events and no-cost consulting in surrounding areas such as Richmond Hill, Hinesville, and Tifton.

Services Provided by the UGA SBDC, Savannah/Statesboro

The UGA SBDC serves as a resource hub for anyone with a small business dream or an existing business. The Center works with businesses operating in all sectors, from agribusiness to international trade to cybersecurity and beyond. Business consultants on staff work with a wide variety of founders from all backgrounds (including veterans!) to help grow businesses. Their work gives small and medium-sized firms an opportunity to succeed in a commerce-driven world.

Their services included the following:

  • In-Person Business Training and Education The UGA SBDC offers the latest, up-to-date business training programs for businesses and their associates. The Savannah/Statesboro office offers in-person workshops on topics like business plan writing, marketing, scaling a business, financial management, developing an exit strategy, and more.
  • On-Demand Classes & Courses In addition to in-person workshops, the UGA SBDC also offers online, on-demand educational workshops and courses across the state.
  • No-Cost Business Consulting With business experts on staff, the UGA SBDC offers no-cost, one-on-one consulting and mentorship to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their startups and existing business owners scale their companies. Whether an entrepreneur needs help developing a strategic business plan, preparing for a business loan, or improving marketing and outreach, the UGA SBDC Business Consultants on staff can help.

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    University of Georgia Small Business Development Center, Savannah/Statesboro

    The University of Georgia (UGA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC)...