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1508 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

VEL work café is the perfect place for anyone looking for a little break, a full change of scenery, or a satellite office to achieve their daily work goals. Their premium coworking coffee shop is designed for maximum productivity by combining the stimulation of a coffee shop, the professional environment of a co-working space and the privacy of a home office. VEL welcomes everyone and does not require a daily fee, pass or membership.

History & Overview of VEL

VEL’s first location opened its doors in Savannah, GA in 2022. The premium work cafe’s first year in business has proven to be wildly successful for the new productivity brand as they were quickly labeled one of the top co-working spaces in the Historic District and even claiming the award for Runner-Up Best Coffee Shop in Savannah Magazine. VEL’s future forward concept continues to revolutionize the way Savannahians work and caffeinate. Their immaculate designs and cutting edge tech stacks are built for maximum productivity, even down to their award-winning, performance enhancing brews. VELs doors are open to all and they offer a dynamic and adaptable space to gather, work, meet and unwind. VEL does not require a pricey fee or membership to access their state-of-the-art workspaces including their private soundproof pods or Nest privacy seats. Advanced seat bookings can be made seamlessly via their free mobile app or on their website. Additionally, VEL provides an optional subscription package that includes exclusive rates, perks on pricing and many more benefits for just $10 a month.

VEL’s Features and Amenities

  • Private Soundproof Solo Pods
  • Private Soundproof Duo Pods
  • Private State
  • Of-The-Art Nest Seats
  • Team Collaboration Spaces
  • Casual Open Seating and Workspaces
  • Private High-Speed and Secure Personal Wifi
  • Premium Food and Beverage Options
  • Free Mobile App
  • Remote Advanced Booking
  • Food and Beverage Pre Order
  • Subscription Perks and Additional Benefits

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    VEL work café is the perfect place for anyone looking...